Amherst Survival Center Turkey Delivery 2012

We brought 10 delicious turkeys over to Amherst Survival Center on Veteran's Day because we'd like to see everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope this will help. We are also thrilled that The Amherst Survival Center is getting a brand new facility. They really need it, and will do even more amazing things for everyone who needs their services. Thank you for everything, ASC!

We are also very thankful to River Valley Market Co-Operative for getting us these tasty-looking turkeys so we'd have something to deliver. Thank you everyone!

Hot Chocolate Run

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Team Toner participated in our first ever two mile walk benefiting raising a collective $135,000 for Safe Passage. The weather was stunning and everyone had a wonderful time getting up early on a Sunday. It was nice to see how many families and costumed individuals came out to support a great cause and at a record number this year!

The walk was lovely up main and through Smith, over the bike path and to the finish line meeting cheers and a warm decorative cup of hot chocolate with optional candy additions!

Congratulations to Safe Passage and to Ink and Toner Solutions on our first company event!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Masquerade Bowl for Kids’ Sake

Saturday, March 3, 2012 to Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 3rd at 12pm Our Team had some emergency fill-ins at the last minute for players but our moral was high and the scores were sort of not. Great energy considering how many businesses were donating their weekends to helping make this a successful event for our local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire county.

We decided to take on pseudo- bowler names to toughen up our game: Psycho, Lucky, Power Pin, and Magic. For the honor of the game’s spirit we managed to play one full game without cheating using bowling aides. I can’t quite remember the final scores for the 3 or 4 games we played but I’m sure they were well over 1000. The groups were upbeat and everyone surpassed the final goal to raise $65,000!

Next year we have to remember to wear short sleeves.

Northampton Survival Center

<p>In addition to working with their sponsorship committees, Serges and Merricka have also been volunteering their lunch hours to working directly with the center and their patrons. It&rsquo;s a beautiful new building space- check them out!</p>