Printer Service Contracts

Ink & Toner Solutions is proud to offer our simple alternative to the often complicated and expensive full blown MPS (Managed Print Solution) programs out there. What we offer is a simple but comprehensive program that addresses the main concerns any printer owner has, mainly that the printers are operational at all times and you get the best price you can on ink & toner refills. There are no penalties for exceeding or not meeting page counts, no resource and time draining software to install, no printer repair parts that are rolled into the cost per page and no charges if you decide to opt out of the program.

Our program is called the Laser Care Advantage Plan.  It provides:

  • Expert technical support by telephone and on site.

  • Free Cleaning and Inspection at the beginning of plan – peace of mind that your covered printers are in good working order.

  • Single Call Dispatch and Tracking – Our technicians are notified within hours of the repair call and contact is usually made the same day to determine what service needs to be done.

  • There is no service charge for printer repair call, you only pay for the parts needed.

  • Savings - On average, 30% or more on toners.

  • Easy Ordering – We set up order forms so when you call or e-mail our sales reps know what you have for equipment, you just let us know which models you need supplies for.

  • No upfront cost, no hidden cost, and never any penalties.

  • We also offer a genuine recycling program so you can recycle your empty drums and cartridges responsibly.


When you sign up to our Laser Care Advantage Plan we will send a technician to your site and inspect each printer that you include on this plan, let you know the condition of each machine and any service issues that need to be addressed. We will then give you a written report for your records. This program and the benefits it comes with cost you nothing, we only require that the customer buy all printing cartridges, toners and repair services from Ink & Toner Solutions for the printers that are on the program. If you feel this plan is for you contact us at or call 413-517-0099