Cartridge Info & the Environment


As a society we are printing, copying and faxing more than ever. Used ink and toner cartridges are clogging our nation’s landfills, as many as 400 million per year!

Because cartridges are a petroleum based product, they take hundreds of years to decompose, adding to the already serious environmental problem.

Cartridges are made of plastic, and it takes up to three quarts of oil to manufacture a single cartridge.

At Ink & Toner Solutions, we do our best to make sure empty cartridges don’t end up in landfills. We rebuild original cartridge cores with high quality- new internal components so they perform equal to name brand, new cartridges. Buying Ink & Toner Solutions cartridges means fewer new cartridges will be made, and fewer will fill our landfills.

When you bring in and exchange your cartridge for a replacement, you will be ensured a quality product that is helping reduce the strain on our planet.

Save your money, get a 100% guaranteed product, while doing the right thing for our planet.

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