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Remaining open for business: Statement Regarding COVID-19 Essential Services Shutdown

Ink & Toner Solutions & Northampton Computer Repair will remain open for business during the COVID-19 Essential Services order issued by the MA Office of the Governor. Per the Governor’s order to close all businesses and organizations that do not provide “COVID-19 Essential Services”, the guidance provides that certain categories of businesses may continue to […]

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Disabling Cartridge Protection On HP Printers That Use the 61/62 and 63 Cartridges

When trying to use remanufactured ink cartridges with HP 61/62/63 Cartridges, the best solution is to disable Cartridge Protection. If you later wish to verify that a cartridge labeled as a Genuine HP product is actually genuine, you can always re-enable the feature, though I really don’t understand why HP has this feature on their printers. I believe […]

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Firmware Updates and Remanufactured Ink Jet Cartridges

WARNING! Firmware Updates Related to Using Remanufactured Ink Cartridges in Your Printer   When it comes to firmware, updating to the latest version can sometimes make things worse. This is most common in the printer industry, where firmware is used to limit the use of third party ink cartridges. However, if you use third party or […]

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Landfills and the K-cup, A Disaster in the Making

So let’s see if I got this right. In the far distant past if one wanted to have a fresh brewed cup of coffee he would go to the pantry, pull out a bag of ground coffee and measure out the correct amount of grounds for the number of cups he wants. Put a filter […]

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How many pages will I print from my Ink Jet Cartridge?

We get this question all the time at Ink & Toner Solutions. It’s extremely frustrating for the consumer to buy an ink cartridge and not have any information as to what they are getting in terms of how many prints they can expect to get from it. Unfortunately that is exactly what the consumer encounters […]

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Worlds First Plastic Fishing Company!

Fishing for Plastic, who the heck would want to fish for plastic? A group of people based out of Amsterdam have come up with what I consider one of the best darn ideas I have seen in a long time. It’s so simple you wonder why no one has thought of this before. There name: […]

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Where Does All of Our Electronic Waste Go?

We use our smart phones, our laptops, smart watches and all of the other tech gear out there and then when it fails or we just want to upgrade what do we do with the old equipment? Well if we are honest about it, most of us will put it in a closet or drawer […]

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Biodegradable Plastics, Really Biodegradable?

So what’s the real scoop on this fantastic new product called Biodegradable Plastics that the manufactures are talking about? Is it really biodegradable? Does it really break down into harmless particles? Is it really the answer to the huge global problem that plastics have become to our environment? When I first heard about this I […]

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10 Things You Can Do To Reduce Plastics In Your Life

I recently wrote an article about how pro surfer Kelly Slater is doing some fantastic work helping to clean up our oceans by recycling millions of tons of discarded fishing nets and turning them into clothes. He mentions in the article how all manner of plastics are finding there way into our oceans and killing […]

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Creating Clothing Made From Ocean Trash by Pro Surfer Kelly Slater

If you’ve been following us you know we are all about recycling and doing whatever it takes to reuse & recycle any and all products to help our environment in any way we can. So when we see someone pushing the envelope and finding new ways to use something that is a nuisance and hazard […]

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