Technical Support

We know that buying ink and toner cartridges can be confusing. But once the supplies are bought you may experience some problems or symptoms that are difficult to trouble shoot. These problems could occur no matter if you have purchased re-manufactured or the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) product. This is where Ink & Toner Solutions excels.

Selling is just the beginning of our service, the real service begins with any follow up questions, information troubleshooting you may require. We want to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase by being there when you really need someone.

One of the client-specific free services we offer is our Ink Jet Troubleshooting Guide. Easy! Just choose your manufacture from the pull down menu, then select your cartridge from the next drop down menu which will bring you to that cartridges troubleshooting page.

The page includes a photo of your cartridge with a list of common problems that you may experience with that printer or cartridge on the right hand side. Click on the link associated with your issue and watch the video and explanation of what to do.

If the solution does not fix the problem, call us at 413-517-0099 and we will help you.

For laser jet toner issues or information call us at 413-517-0099. We have technicians on staff who can provide you with information or initial troubleshooting solutions.

The Perils of Ignoring the Fine Print:

The internet is filled with incredible ink and toner cartridge deals that seem too good to be true. So before hitting that “Buy Now” button, take a moment to question how this company can possible afford to sell their product for such a low price. The answer usually can be found in the fine print. Take a moment to read their return policy, any restrictions that may come with the purchase of their products, such as warranty period and length of time to reship a product. Quality always comes at a price.

At Ink & Toner Solutions we only sell the very highest quality ink and toner cartridges that carry a full 12 month warranty. If a replacement toner is needed we will process the order that day or the very next day at the latest. You pay no shipping either way.

At Ink & Toner Solutions we only sell the very highest quality ink and toner cartridges that carry a full 12 month warranty. and a promise that we will ship out the very next day any replacement cartridge if needed. We are local and really do care about our customers and the products we sell them. We stand behind all of our products and services, period.

Can the online dealers that are selling at such ridiculously low prices say that?


We also provide PC repair and consultation in-store or at your location in the Northampton, MA area. Call us for details and pricing.