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Eco-friendly Ink & Toner Products – Exceptional Service

In our opinion, a business is in business to serve its customers and that is what we are all about. Ink & Toner Solutions, Inc. was started in 2004 with the sole purpose of offering the public an alternative to the high cost of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) printer cartridges. We have all wondered why the cost of ink has been so expensive and the simple truth of the matter is that the OEM’s could charge whatever they wanted to because you owned their printer which meant you had to buy their ink. That is so not the case.

By using the empty printer cartridge and remanufacturing it back to the OEM specs we are able to pass on the cost savings of not having to produce the cores themselves, and at the same time recycling these important reusable products. If you are looking to save money on your printing cost and help to recycle you’ve come to the right place. You can actually start saving right now shopping online with us!

Because of the enormous response to our Eco-friendly brand of ink and toner cartridges our customers asked if we could also provide printer repair and we did. If your printer ever needs service, give us a call at 413-517-0099 or fill out our convenient Printer Repair Service Call form and one of our techs will contact you to help you, usually the same day. Most printer repair services only work on Laser printers and copiers, but most home users and some small businesses use the ever-popular ink jet type of printers. We are proud to offer in house ink jet printer repair on most major manufacturers, call us for details.


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Chris Allard
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