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Salespeople Etiquette!


There are a few things to get straight about my job: I love sales but not selling and I really hate salespeople. I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman at an expo tabletop event hosted by a local chamber, whose type you might have already met. He coiled and attacked the second I gave my friendly hello (I was tired and read to just meet fellow businesses, not be sold.) Not a good start. He had on a full suit and in 30 seconds told me about every disease and industry report to back up his holistic product claim- of which there were at least 25 to listen to…I was drowning and he was bombing. The only was I could escape- and at this point it was considered escape- was to grab his card and say “Thanks I’ll check out your website.” Continue reading

Living the Green Dream

There is a word we are all beginning to hate: green. Everyone is on the wave of a new catchy era. Let’s go green for the planet. Few can back it up. Especially businesses. People will shop green and some don’t even bother to check facts. For the last 5+ years Ink and Toner Solutions, Inc. has been providing an alternative to buying cartridges from the original manufacturers and then throwing out the large hunk of plastic. Recycle. Send them to industries whose sole purpose is to clean, rebuild, refill and reuse this plastic piece and return it to the world as a remanufactured ink or toner, ready to serve our office needs again. It is a sustainable process thus created. Very little waste and money and landfills saved.
But that’s not all we do as a small business. We can do more. All packaging materials are saved and reused in deliveries to customers and returns for recycling. Including the internal packing bags of air and Eco-friendly peanuts. Our local deliveries are either done on foot or by local bike currier if the order is small. Customers also enjoy the excuse to get out and walk down main street and pickup to avoid shipping. We love this enthusiasm. Another thing is our resident techie, Ed will walk to local businesses and if out of range he uses a zip car Prius. And we’ve upgraded to L.E.D. lighting.
What is setting our business apart from larger competitors is that we are actively supporting local businesses. We are responsibly recycling our returns and the more our community recycles with us, the lower our prices get. Which, in the way of everything green, is only natural.

A New Way of Thinking

Ink &Toner Solutions Facade
The Ink & Toner Solutions Building at 12 Main St in Downtown Northampton

Some things change and some will always be the same as we first knew them.

Currently at Ink and Toner Solutions, Inc. we are facebooking, tweeting and now blogging. Our printer products are constantly being innovated and refined by our remanufacturers and are getting  more streamlined every day. Our store has changed from two locations down to a simple white building in historic Northampton for convenience of customer and employee.  Our employees are now more specialized and more relaxed.  We have fun with our work now.  We are all doing what we love.  We threw out the pushy sales people.  We are donating part of our time to working with more local charities and promoting their needs as much as possible.  We even started playing music in the store and put out some treats.

Yes, we are growing and learning and moving things around but while we do, the main idea is still the same: We value, respect and appreciate our customers and are thankful for every chance we get to serve a wonderful product that helps the Planet.  Thank you very much for buying locally.