Baystate Benefit Services

I have been a customer of Ink Solution for 15 years.  I have had fabulous and friendly service from Ink Solutions.  Additionally, their prices are much better than Staples on anything I have found on line.

Over the years that I have been their customer I have purchased dozens of ink jets and toner cartridges.  When I had an ink jet or cartridge that did not print correctly (and there were only a few), Ink Solutions had a new one shipped to me within a few days, free of charge.  No questions asked, they just shipped the new cartridge.

I have also been very satisfied with their tech work when I had a computer problem.  Their computer techs fixed my problems within a day and charged me a very fair and reasonable price.  I did have ongoing issues due to a computer virus once and they provide follow up service.  I needed help with an ongoing problem due to the age of my Dell computer and their tech person logged onto my computer and showed me how to download some software and how to use it.  Once again, great service at a very reasonable price.

I have recommended Ink Solutions products and service to my clients and friend and everyone has reported they were very satisfied.  I strongly recommend that you give Ink Solutions a chance.  I know you will be as satisfied as I have been.