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Ink & Toner Solutions is always looking for ways to help our customers and anyone else that uses printers or printer products.  Millions of people use the ink jet printer for home or office use but really have no one to turn to when things go wrong.  Most of the customer service reps in the big box stores are not printer experts let alone well trained in the complexities of the inkjet machines they sell, so when something goes wrong and the customer calls they usually don’t get an answer.  We at Ink & Toner Solutions aim to not only help you get your question answered but more importantly solve the problem.

We believe that the customer should receive as much help, insight and support about the product they bought.  Far too often this is not the case.  Manufacturers provide the bare minimum of support for their products, often in the form of outsourced tech support which often frustrates us more than the initial problem with our technology.  In our constant search for ways to bring this information to our customers we are proud to offer an on-line help site through one of our tech partnerships that is easy to use and has videos to make the explanation of the issue crystal clear.  All you do is choose the manufacturer’s name, click on the cartridge that goes into your printer and it brings you to a help page with the most common questions or issues for this machine.  On many questions, the option to view a step-by-step video in plain English is provided, just click on the link in the entry about your issue, and the video plays.  As always, if the help site does not answer your question, just give us a call and we’ll do our very best to help solve the problem or question you have.  Try it out and let us know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Free Inkjet Troubleshooting Help

  1. I notice when ai was printing something my ink was streaking in spots.I bought a new ink cartidge and it stills does it but only on the black what is causing this?aBoyfriend thinks the new cartidge is bad and could have dried out even in a stealed package maybe exposed to heat?Thanks.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      If you’re getting vertical streaks on your prints, the print head is most likely just clogged, but could possibly be burnt out (this is less likely, though). There are 2 types of ink cartridges in most cases, one with an integrated print head, and then the plain old ink tanks, which have no impact on the actual print quality in most cases, they just hold ink which goes into a print head built into the printer. Inks can dry out in hot environments even if they’re sealed, but it is more likely they they will dry out while in the printer, especially if the printer only gets used 1-2 times a month or less.

      If your printer only takes 2 cartridges (1 black, and 1 tricolor) then you have integrated print head carts. If that’s what you have, check out this video we made about how to manually clean the print heads (it will save you some wasted ink and usually works better than the printer’s own head cleaning tools): Cleaning your printheads w/ Ink & Toner Solutions

      If your printer takes 4 or more cartridges, then typically the best cleaning method is using the printer’s built-in print head cleaning utility (every printer has one, but every printer has a different way of running it.

      I hope this helps a bit, feel free to reply if you need any more advice!

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