Brother Drums

One question we get a lot in our store is “Why do I have a “Drum Near End” error coming up on my Brother printer?”  The drum is the part many printers that applies the toner to the paper, so it plays a very important part in the printing process.  This error comes up whenever the counter in the Brother printer nears the end of the drum’s useful lifespan. This information is for Brother printers in the DCP, HL and MFC series primarily.

A Brother drum has a lifespan of 10,000 and up pages printed, so it is one of the longest lasting “user-replaceable parts” in a lot of printers.  Each time the drum is replaced, it is necessary to reset the counter on most Brother printers.  For each model, the process is different but you can find out how to reset your individual model at the Brother Website.  The model number the site asks for is typically printed on a label near the control panel or buttons on the printer.  Once you’ve selected your printer model, click FAQ’s and troubleshooting, and find Replace drum in the menu about halfway down the page.  Once you have replaced your drum and reset the counter you will be back up and printing in no time!

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